Ethnographic museum of Luarca

Ethnographic museum of Luarca

Publicado el 27 de Marzo de 2018
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The Ethnographic Rural Museum of Luarca is located on an estate of 15,000m2 in the typical village of San Martín, 1.8 km from Luarca.

It has 1,300 pieces selected and didactically displayed in 12 spaces open to the public that reconstruct the domestic, social and work environments for more than a century.

A good number of agricultural instruments are part of a sample of tools used in livestock and farm work dedicated to remembering traditional work in rural areas.

The fact that this museum was built on the initiative of its owner, Ramón Fernández López, has allowed Luarca and his Council of Valdés to have an exceptional place to observe the uses and customs, expressed with a sometimes surprising realism that undoubtedly results of a high didactic value, both for students and students as well as for visitors who seek to discover or remember such an important cultural past.

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